There Will Be Blood, based on Jerry Jones

Tom Brady's going to tackle you, hehe

My Lifelong Friend finally makes NBC Today Show, as Mike Vick

The Dolphins on Hard Knocks has to give Goodell Chills each week

Strahan just jacking all over Tiki's Dreams

Wanted: "A Glory Hole." - Jerry Jones

Bob Kraft straight slaying a Porn Audition

2012 ESPN The Magazine wants you to Forget the SI Swimsuit

Each NFL Draft Pick in Gif Analysis

Takes more than a Pillow Fort to talk to Tebow

Dentist owes Brian Urlacher a Nude Text of Jenny McCarthy

Former NFLer burns his bed for GODdell

"Steelers Don't Litter" --- 2 Players Arrested for Littering

6 Year Old Joe wastes $3.36

Tebow's Secret Girlfriend is...


HIV Test Tweeting, Total NFL Move

Cromartie saved a Child Support Payment

E! Network confirms, Tebow is a Celeb

Tim Tebow can do whatever he wants with his Dog

Mel Kiper sketch is Sports' Picasso Masterpiece
Paralyzed man made the NFL before you, you suck

Schefter must have made the NFL force ESPN/NFL Network to not tip Draft Picks to Home Viewers

NBA Jam Big Heads are Real

Don't let Roger Goodell Inaugurate you into the NFL

No more Pro Bowl...

Antonio Cromartie has his own Football Team

Greg Jennings began the Saints Bounty Scandal

Nike: Tebow > Reebok

Tebow Thinks, but is mainly Excited to be a Jet

The Finale: Tebow to the Jets, FUCK JOHN ELWAY!

Dictator Goodell says "I Dat, I Dat, I Dat gonna beat dem Saints"

Peyton Manning plays Moses, Tim Tebow plays Jesus, John Elway plays Judas

Brandon Marshall split-personality is Superhero Chris Brown

Currently Gay NFL QB wanted to Come Out?

Another 40 yard dash meets Rich Eisen, Killed

Olive Garden = Death (of AFL Playing Careers)

Arena Football Season begins with an 'Aww Shit' Game

Jay Cutler missed you, Brandon Marshall

RG3 goes to Washington, Yay, but mostly Nay!

Colts Sever Ties with the Neck-Less Manning

Tim Tebow > The Bachelor

Andrew Luck is White, RG3 is Black

Brady Quinn is a Satanist

Laron Landry needs to Relax

Manning Face is the Face of Every NFL Team

Should have been a Sniper at the Super Bowl

Tebow > NFL

12 G-Men on the Field is the new Spygate

Bill "Keyser Soze" Belichick

Why so mad, baby, I mean, Gisele?

Peyton Manning has a neck again

Rocky McIntosh's Wife doesn't want to hear about The U Hotties

Time to Kill ESPN for the Any Era Team Debate

Buccaneers Spokesman's Daughters Drink Donkey Semen and Urine on Fear Factor

Jon Gruden is a Vampire/Male Model

Predict Colts head coach, win 2 SB Tickets

Ray Lewis is going to Kill Billy Cundiff

Ravens: Osama Bin Laden is Tom Brady

Justice sides with Balling So Hard

Packers fan Paid $240k to watch Packers Lose in Playoffs

Tim Tebow > Chinstrap

Alex Smith, Legend... Jim Harbaugh, no Homo

Tiger Woods has a date with Tony Romo, could have had Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow defeats Rape Miraculously (Video)

At least One Jets Employee hates Mark Sanchez

Irsay: Cut Great GM, Cut Great QB, Keep Worst Coach?

Hakeem Nicks is dirty vs. Falcons

Familiarize Yourself with the Loss of Down Gesture (The AirHead!)


Helmet-to-Helmetless Tackles make James Harrison look like a pussy

Cowboys play Madden on the Big Screen before Games

Guns + Best Buy = Bad for NFL Player

Dez Bryant will be Bankrupt Soon

Jerome Simpson makes Movie Magic Real

Missed Rent leads to the Colts Win

Jay Ratliff vs. ESPN's Sam Hurd story coverage

Jerry Maguire will be arrested shortly

No Peyton for 2011, sad face

Week 15: NFL Plays of the Day

Jesus has Tebow's back, says Saturday Night Live

Tori Gurley: Smartest WR Move this season

Mic'd Up Tebow teaches Miracles and Morals

Hue Jackson loves to feel pretty

Ndamukong Suh Leaves Interview prematurely after Accident Question

Unknown WR caught in Undercover Drug Bust

Nobody thinks Lindsay Vonn could have Tebow

Scott Pioli rids himself of Feuding Head Coach

Tom Brady, angry?

Redskins feel like Bibi Jones

Dolphins want less Sunglasses

Tebow = Miracles

Andrew Luck in Colts Jersey

Browns let Colt McCoy play unconscious

Even you would do this to Blind Side

Tebow tattoo makes A-Rod so Jealous

What the hell is Brett Favre doing here - Bears fan?

Aldon Smith can't taunt sacking A.J. Feeley

Texans Logo > Texans Punter

Does John Fox do anything? Tebow does it all

Vince Young's Bad arm leads to Coaches fighting

You can't jinx Tim Tebow

Shouldn't the Patriots play the Redskins every Thanksgiving?

Mike Shanahan likes that DeAngelo Hall is Suicidal

Tom Brady: Don't drink Gatorade

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