Jon Jones doesn't want 20 UFC fighters to earn Money Sept 1

UFC 150 Managers fight more than their Fighters

This UFC Gif makes Dana White Orgasm

Jon Jones only Drinks and Drives when he's with Two Chicks

Douche Outkicks his Coverage, Lands Arianny's Kick to the Nose

Ref Stops Bout, Starts Own Bout, Walks out Champion

These Pics = Gina Carano has Retired

Jon Jones did not Enjoy Responsibly

Nick Diaz tried to play nice, got suspended a year

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Brock Lesnar brought ground and pound to WWE

FOX can't stop Joe Rogan, they can't even contain him

UFC in Japan is Beautiful

Oh Chandella Powell, I mean Mariah Ashton, or Chandella Powell?

Nick Diaz busted for the Ganja, 209!

1 Cage Door > 2 MMA Fighters

David Haye storms Dereck Chisora like Boxing Matters

No Shit, Dana White is booking a Diaz - Condit Rematch

Nick Diaz retires, thus no rematch with Condit in the future

Government is back in the Stream Killing Business

Hackers leak Dana Whites Info, UFC vs. Internet Begins

Overeem is just too Rough with Women

ESPN airs "Hack Job" Video, UFC vs. ESPN Begins

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Japanese Hitler defeats UFC by Hack Job

Spinning back heel kick KO, Knee to Face KO, UFC Rio FANTASTIC

Dana White vs. ESPN "Hack Job" MMA Writers

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Anderson Silva raw and uncut following a LOSS

Inmate #TBD calls out Juiced Up Filipino for May 5th

Even Cyborgs take steroids to beat Humans

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"Jon, Get some Fans"

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Shogun Rua, 16, fighting at a House Party

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GSP out for 10 months

Awesome somersault Kick KO

- UFC vs. New York

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