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For any information, tips or advertisement proposals, Podcast invites, radio interviews, you may contact myself in any of these three communication outlets.

For Reporters, Sportswriters/Bloggers or Promoters

Since this industry is all about breaking news, even if it is just a scoop on news that you received, I am very interested in hearing it. If I find the news or report to be important, I will write about it for the website. Obviously, I will acknowledge you for your work in the news making process with whatever full-time courtesy you would like to have for your own promotional desires. (Even if it is just your Twitter or name and location.)

If you would like to have extra publicity for your own sportswriting or reporting, I would gladly publish your own words or discuss the story in my own words if I find it to be acceptable and newsworthy for my readers to generate a broader fanbase to your news story. Again, I will add a full-time courtesy for this as well, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

I would deeply appreciate your assistance in informing others about all types of sports stories, from humor or serious, that you have stumbled across in your own mind or reporting from others.

You can contact me in by E-mail or Twitter with the links (below) that I provide you above:

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