Thursday, August 23, 2012

UFC Canceled a UFC: Changing the Sports Landscape as we Know it

Similar to the NFL canceling week 7 due to Roger Goodell having surgery. When Nike becomes involved in a sport, shit's just bound to get ridiculous. Jon Jones and Greg Jackson just changed the UFC Number System. UFC 149, UFC 150 then UFC 152. There's no such thing as UFC 151.

Dan Henderson pops his knee ligament, Chael Sonnen then pops the question and Jon Jones drops a non-Nike "Just Won't Do It." Dana White throws a conference table over, and does one thing he has never done before: Calls a card he and his execs made a piece of shit to put on PPV or TV. About 20 other UFC fighter, though very subpar UFC fighters, won't be getting a paycheck for a couple of months now because Greg Jackson told Jon fighting on 8 days notice is career jeopardy. (I fight on 1 second 'shove-me-while-I'm-Drinking notice every weekend at the bar.) "Jon, go get some fans."

"Hey Lebron, how did my Decision go?" - Nike Jonny, aka LeBones Jones. 

 Jones vs. Belfort for UFC 152 because Machida is scared homie, Shogun is probably still exhausted from his 4 round scrap and Anderson doesn't accept fights on 4 months notice but on 8 days notice he would fight a lower-tier than Jon Jones light heavyweight if needed. Most chaotic day in UFC Non-Fight Night History. Dana White loses money when he probably deserves millions after all this shit.

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