Thursday, August 23, 2012

5'1 Sixth Grader on a HS Varsity Football Team is all about Outkicking The Coverage

When did America start honoring TD Passes? Here is what needs to be known about this kid: Robinson achieved his feat for Franklin (Tenn.) Christian Academy during on Friday. _________________________________________________________ The kid is no Tim Tebow, Andrew Luck or even Doug Flutie. Hey Andrew Robinson, you're not in Canada, kid. Tennessee isn't close to Texas, Alabama or Florida, but you're in the region where people are paralyzed every week because they tried to be something they really aren't in HS football. Longevity, bro. You need too look at your religion-first school offensive linemen and picture if they can handle the one time this season they're playing against that 210 pounder who's parents just got divorced. You've got 6 years before a FBS or FCS school can even offer you a scholarship. Just go get some Christian HS chicks with this one-game legend making experience, and worry about football when you become a freshman.

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