Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Usain Bolt has a Steroid Dealer as Coach


Angel Hernandez, the strength and conditioning coach , recently became employed by Juan Manuel Marquez for his big Manny Pacquiao boxing fight this Saturday night. Not much is known about Angel Hernandez, other than he trains what has become known as the most amazing freak of nature, Bolt, in sports the last three years. By testing your sports memory, does BALCO remind you of anything?

From   last week, BALCO founder Victor Conte reminded many people of a steroid dealer named Angel "Memo" Heredia. A man who once testified that he gave former sprinting champion Marion Jones steroids. Conte then decided to tell the viewers that Angel Hernandez was the assumed name for Angel Heredia, as he coaches Usain Bolt and now Juan Manuel Marquez.

In the now infamous 2008 sports trial of many of the most known champions in track and field, like Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery, "Memo" Heredia was the federal investigator's guy. In 2005 federal investigators confronted Heredia with evidence of money laundering and drug trafficking. One way or another, Angel Hernandez Heredia accepted a deal in which he would give up facts and names to protect himself with a deal.

Angel Heredia did not serve any jail time for his charges. Following all the deals and judicial system interactions about BALCO, Heredia went out to try and become strength and conditioning coaches for more sports figures. Usain Bolt hired him, which gave him integrity as a coach. Who would not want the same coach who has, somehow, made Bolt the greatest athlete in human history? Juan Manuel Marquez had to have that guy in his corner for his biggest fight to date.

Interesting to note here, many people are speculating that Marquez has never been this "bulk" before a fight. (Other people also would say, now this makes it an even fight, steroid boxer vs. steroid boxer.)

Nobody truly cares much about steroids in boxing, unless it involves Manny Pacquiao and blood tests or, now, Mayweather waiting for the right time to make the fight happen so that he knows Pacquiao has been off them for a couple of years. Steroids in track and field though, especially involving Usain Bolt is a sports story of the year.

Every four years is when sports fans tune into watch the sport and how amazingly the runners have evolved from a 10.00 seconds to win a 100m sprint, now to a 9.7 seconds win. The fact that Usain Bolt has the former steroid snitch at his practices each week building him into a London Olympics gold champion, should raise some eyebrows and scrutiny.

With just over eight months remaining until the event, could track and field become like a political campaign against Usain Bolt? Similar to what is happening to Republican GOP Herman Cain and his four (?) touchy feely harassment claims, other track and field runners may have people from their own camp digging into the endeavor tactics of Angel Heredia with Usain Bolt.

The combination of the title "fastest man in the world" and a coach known as a "steroid dealer" will always have the term "dirty" next to whatever achievements the athlete can accomplish. Doubt will always remain now with Usain Bolt.

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  1. Anonymous

    This subject requires several answers; first, there are protocols extant to beat testing through timing of use and testing...this is something you can verify for yourself with a little research. Conti and others confirmed this. There are also most likely new, undetectable variants that won't show up on tests for a few years. Blake and others have, in fact, been caught in the past, as have several other Jamaican sprinters, (Johnson...born in...etc.etc.) so we can't say there isn't any precedent for this activity. Secondly, there are other PED's available (HGH etc.) that can enhance performance and be undetectable by competition time. Third, several athletes in the past who have been users had their cheating covered up for years by official bodies (Lewis most likely and others). Fourth, statistically, we have found in the past that concentrated population groups that suddenly produce volumes of high level athletes are prone to drug enhancement (East Germany/swimming, China/swimming and so forth)...It is literally impossible to have six or seven of the top 100/200 meter male sprinters and four or five female sprinters suddenly appear from an island of under three million people, and then sustain this number for years. They don't have superior genes (that is a unproven myth), superior coaching or superior yams. They, unfortunately, have a pipeline to something else. There is too much money in this for various shoe manufactures etc...too much temptation. Denial is cheap...Marion Jones etc. I'm afraid that others as well are using. The only clean sprinters I am aware of are Felix, LeMaitre, Spearman (in shorter sprints). Outside of that, probably only a few others.

    1. If every athlete is potentially doped then noone is in the end.

  2. Blake was never "caught". He and his training partners drank the nutritional supplement MUSCLESPEED that claimed it was WADA-compliant on the can. It turned out to contain a NON-banned substance that RESEMBLED a banned substance. WADA didn't ban him.. Jamaica gave him a 3 month retro-active ban for appearances only.

    Also, you don't know Felix, Lemaitre, and Spearmon are clean any more than you know the others are dirty.