Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mike Leach Campaign is better than Any Craig James Campaign

There is an opening job in Arizona and former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach it. He is speaking loud and proud of his past, even though it includes a firing. Well that firing could potentially be the best thing that has ever happened to Leach.

"I was a victim of a national smear campaign, which is pretty well-documented," Leach told the Arizona Daily Star. "It's also pretty well-documented that it was false: You had a father (Craig James) who was dissatisfied with his son's playing time who used his national media position to smear me. Worse yet, he hired a PR firm 10 days before he complained about anything. There's a whole lot of layers where that's corrupt.
"The more important thing is, we had all kinds of administrators there who I got along fabulously with. Look at the body of work: I have a 10-year body of work. … We won 29 games in the last three years (including the 2010 Alamo Bowl, in which he didn't coach), we had the highest graduation rate of any public institution, we went to more bowl games than the rest of the history combined, my players never got in trouble, and I've never had a major NCAA violation or any of that. I think all that speaks for itself."
Those are some quality credentials.

Mike Leach has since been on a now 23 month exile from all things football, writing books and speaking publicly about pirates and how corrupt Craig James is with lawsuits.

Craig James has said that he would not rule out running for the United States Senate seat currently held by longtime Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in 2012.

As a lifelong Texan ("Texas Forever"), I'd vote for Mike Leach to represent my state, and all the pirates, nationally, before Craig James becomes ever known as a politician.

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