Friday, February 10, 2012

Mystery: Kevin Youkilis dating Tom Brady's Sister?

Originally Posted October 12, 2011

The Boston Globe is leading the battle between Boston newspapers today after they released their comprehensive report on the collapse of the Red Sox while the Boston Herald just had the Theo Epstein to the Cubs scoop. Although that scoop has been circulating for the last few months actually and became heavily speculated following the collapse. Well the Boston Herald may, or may not, have fired it's counter shot at the Boston Globe?

While checking out the Boston Herald gossip section  today, people (including me) stumbled across a story that said eyewitnesses place Kevin Youkilis, of the Boston Red Sox, with Nancy Brady, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's sister. An intriguing rumor that became even more interesting when poof,

The publication went away and so did the publicity for the story, as the  had deleted the tweet including the story. Although, if you type "Kevin Youkilis and Nancy Brady" on Google, the story remains the top search. What type of words were in the lost story?  blog was lucky enough to copy and paste some words that were included:
Kevin Youkilis denies that there's a romance, but our spies in the skyboxes say the Red Sox slugger and Tom Brady [stats]'s sis, Nancy, were looking veeeeery cozy as they watched 12 and the Pats cool the Jets at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.
Anybody attend the Patriots game on Sunday and snap a picture of, what seems to be, the loving couple? If not, maybe the Boston Herald just duped the sports blog-o-sphere into a non-story to distract all of us from the real story by the Boston Globe.


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