Saturday, September 24, 2011

Only Deadspin would Consider Hiring Jay Mariotti

At a meeting of about 250 sports media people in New York, the ultimate, and you can say classy, sports blog Deadspin announced an upcoming move that could shake sports media for a day.  Jay Mariotti, from the Chicago Sun-Times and AOL Fanhouse, is in talks to become a Deadspin columnist.

Jay Mariotti became a household name from appearing on ESPN's Around The Horn. Garnering the most attention from sports fans by being controversial. Like in 2004 when he proclaimed on Around The Horn that FOX Sports be shutdown, or when he verbally and physically fought members of the Chicago White Sox, like Ozzie Guillen (who called him a "fag") and broadcaster Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson (who broke Mariotti's nose).

His fame then faded away due to his chaotic relationship with a woman. In August 2010, Mariotti was arrested in L.A. for suspicion of a felony after a domestic altercation with his girlfriend. Once all the stalking, assault, battery and domestic violence charges were released, his career with ESPN ended promptly. In September 2011, Mariotti pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 5 years probation and 90 days of community service. Ending all his legal woes for now.

From all the feedback this announcement has gotten Saturday, Jay Mariotti continues to be the most hated, not just controversial, sports journalist in America. Not one newspaper or website has any intentions to adding the controversial figure to their department. Which explains why Deadspin will certainly hire him for the traffic generating numbers.

Will Jenn Sterger and many sports figures' cocks who can pound a keyboard are next to be hired? Without discretion indeed.

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