Sunday, August 14, 2011

Logan Morrison Demoted due to Photos and Bowling?

Talented prospect Logan Morrison was making a big name for himself on his Twitter and on the field with his powerful swing. He was expected to be in the majors until the day he retired.

Suddenly last night, the Florida Marlins decided to send one of their premier prospects back into the minors with only one and a half months remaining of the MLB season. No one knows the truth why (unless you really believe the Marlins when they say it is due to his .249 batting average), but one reporter may have solved the mystery.

Based on my conversations with people, there were some events leading up to the demotion that had to do with team-related promotional functions. To be clear, the Marlins said they optioned LoMo to New Orleans because he was batting .249.
Earlier in the day, he refused to participate in a photo session with season ticket holders at Sun Life Stadium. That might sound surprising, given Logan’s outgoing personality and popularity with fans, but apparently there were some hard feelings related to earlier promotional activities.

I know that this past Thursday — a Marlins off day — Logan canceled a charity bowling tournament in Miami because he said the Florida Marlins Community Foundation “dropped the ball” and didn’t sell enough lanes in advance. 
Did the Florida Marlins want to just "shut-up" Logan Morrison and send him back to the minors? Maybe the Florida Marlins took taking photos with season ticket holders as an obligation for their players since their fanbase remains one of the worst for now to until they enter their new stadium next year?

Morrison was their second best power hitter according to the team stats this year, with his 17 HRs along with 60 RBIs. Even he is unaware as to the real reason why he was demoted last night, telling the media:
“Because I was hitting .240. Yeah. That’s what they said. So. I don’t know if that makes any sense to me or to you guys but all I know is I go out and I give everything for this team. I play hurt, I play through injury and this is how you get treated. It doesn’t seem very fair or right to me.”
Usually a MLB team would tell he player, we're demoting you because you need to work on your fielder or confidence. Logan Morrison believes he was sent down due to those "off-the-field" issues.

Mike Stanton, never turn down taking a picture with season ticket holders this month, wait until after September call-ups. Unless they are like this fan and punch you in the back during a game.

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UPDATE: Logan Morrison pondering about a grievance against the Marlins for the demotion. (Interesting.)


Anonymous said...

It's a business. Public relations is just as important as batting average. If he did skip promotional events, I'd send him down just because he's too stupid to realize where the money comes to pay him his salary.

Anonymous said...

WHATT!!!...The marlins SUCK, their Management SUCKS, beinfest used to do the right thing now he is sucking, what moves has he made lately that have done anything for the marlins..They just dont want this kid telling the TRUTH..and it HURTS , the Marlins are a 2nd rate triple A team pretending to be a major league club and they do not want anyone exposing them..the last time they were exposed in forbes magazine they were FORCED to pay JJ a huge salary to keep the papers and MLB off their backs..they are theives...and WE the FANS pay his salary asshole not management...and the fans say they suck as well.

Anonymous said...

Send him to my White Sox. KW has ruined our farm system and we would love to have this kid as a building block!!

Phil said...

Odd and perhaps uninformed comments by Anonymous today. Perhaps he needs to take a business course in basic finance or a course in Microeconomics?

Could this demotion be based on the immaturity of the player? Could the fact that the Marlins cannot fill their stadium and therefore do not create enough sales money to pay their uncooperative players? Could it be the head office for their lack of butt kicking ability when an immature player fails in his PR responsibility? Perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Lo Mo No MO.

Anonymous said...

Punk grow up!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps for some reason the general manager has some personal grievance, who knows? Jeff Francoeur was sent down a few seasons ago when Frank Wren took over the Braves. Eventually he traded Jeff who is doing well in the RBI category this year and not too shabby on HR as well as batting average. Meanwhile the Braves right fielder has done like Francoeur but much earlier yet there's been no talk of sending him down. Strange how the "baseball gods" sometimes work, or should I say those who BELIEVE that they are gods in baseball. It will be interesting to see how long they keep him there given their desperate need. Building a new stadium will not make fans come to games, only a good team will, with good management and continuity so that people recognize the same players day after day.

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