Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nate Marquardt out of Main Event Sunday Night

The one-time former UFC Middleweight championship challenger Nate Marquardt will not be debuting at Welterweight on Sunday for UFC on Versus 4. He was supposed to be the main event draw for the card against Rick Story, but was a late scratch on Saturday just hours before weighing in to make the fight official.

There is no  yet for the withdrawl, but pictures of him before he tipped the scales speculate a bad weight cut. “He was not medically cleared. It is nothing serious,” said Kelly Crigger, a representative of Marquardt’s management team at Alchemist Mixed Martial Arts. "Nate is really disappointed," the statement from his camp reads. "He really was looking forward to making his welterweight debut, and he plans to be back in there as soon as possible."


Once again the MMA injury bug continues to plague the sport's biggest stars on this card. The main event was supposed to be Nate Marquardt versus Anthony Johnson on Sunday night. Though Johnson had to pull out of the fight a month ago and was replaced with Rick Story to face Marquardt.

Now Charlie Brenneman will be replacing Marquardt in a fight with Rick Story Sunday night. No longer will it be the main attraction, as the heavyweight show down between Pat Barry and Cheick Kongo will be promoted to that position.

UPDATE: UFC commentator Joe Rogan announced that Marquardt failed his phyiscal.

NATE MARQUARDT WILL NO LONGER BE IN THE UFC DUE TO FAILED PHYSICAL. Crazy News. (Steroids? Career-ending injury? Rumor is Marquardt could only reach 181 pounds.) Someone will find out the truth. Here is video of Dana White confirming the news. (Below all updates)

Nate Marquardt's tweet Sunday, "I'm sorry to all my fans and the UFC for not passing the medicals for tonight's fight. I'm heart broken I couldn't fight, but I will b back."

Dana White was on the Versus pre-fight show and stated only "Nate Marquardt can confess to why he will never fight in the UFC again." So the medical issue will only become public if Nate confesses to the media publicly. The waiting continues. Sorry Bros.

THE WAIT IS OVER NOW:  << (The Answer)

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  1. Anonymous

    WOW Dana had no love for his fighters

  2. @"no love for his fighters" this fighter failed a drug test previous and now he can't make wait or can't pass a physical or failed a drug test! He was the main event (marketing, tix, sponsors), be a professional or go somewhere else cuz this is the majors not bellator or shark fights!

  3. When you spend your whole life fightig at your best weight and cannot reach the top, the only way is down. It's really tough on the fighters that have been doing this for the last five to ten years. The fighters coming out now are just so much better. Nate, use what little fame you have left and become a hometown trainer and try to get to the top as a manager or trainer. Your time is done. Please do not land up fighting at an Indian Casino. Your time is over.

  4. I would like to know what really happened ??????

  5. If the UFC has fired him it may be anabolics.UFC dont fire people unless its breach of their rules.

  6. Damn Dana,I would hate too see you on your period!!!

  7. This Card now kinda sucks!!!

  8. this card does suck, but its free

  9. He has the AIDZ

  10. Congo put on a hell of a show Bye nate the not so great

  11. Dana sure has a Napoleon complex. His fat little ass always throws his weight around at every opportunity. The only fighter he ever bent over for was Chuck Liddel, and now Liddel is his towel boy. My guess is that they've been but buddies for a while. You go Dana, tell everyone who's boss!

  12. If this is over a weight cut Dana is a dick! The guy just dropped a level and shit happens, Im not the biggest Nate fan but the guy has been with the UFC for a long time and if thats the loyality that he gets from Dana well.....All I know is the UFC has got a strangle hold on mma but how many times has Dana said this guy or that guy wont be back and BAM we see them unless this thing is major! Nate will fights his ass off somewhere else and be back...Just Dana and his 1-800-TOUGH-TALK bullshit again.