Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Grunting, Less Panties in Tennis (Pic)

Instead of writing a post about the Wimbledon tennis tournament, let us sports fans just take this Sunday to understand the history of Tennis briefly. The history of women's Tennis being scantaly-clad women athletes giving the gentlemen on-lookers an extra benefit to watch the matches of the tournament.

The shares a shot of Maria Sharapova unintentionally recreating one historic tennis photo that many elder men seemed to enjoy growing up. A famous 1970s photo of another young woman playing tennis without underwear. "The Russian star unintentionally recreated the photograph that was taken by Martin Elliott in September 1976 featuring his then girlfriend 18-year-old Fiona Butler."

Sadly for the Wimbledon fans this week, Maria Sharapova has been wearing underwear under her tennis outfits unlike the 1976 photo. Although Sharapova has been reportedly getting the most scrutiny for her grunting at Wimbledon this year. So she may just know why some pervs gentlemen fans pay to watch. If only current 19 year-old tennis player  knew in 2009, she could of stayed in the spotlight "Anna Kournikova style."

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